Official publications such as the Diário Oficial do Distrito Federal (DODF) are sources of information on all official government acts. Although these documents are rich in knowledge, analysing these texts manually by specialists is a complex and unfeasible task considering the growing volume of documents, the result of the frequent number of publications in the Distrito Federal Government’s (GDF) communication vehicle.

This scenario is appropriate to employ computational techniques based on text mining and information visualization, in order to discover implicit and relevant knowledge in large textual data sets. It is known that these computational techniques receive data in a structured format. However, as DODF editions are originally published in unstructured format and in natural language, it is required to use techniques to prepare strategies in order to make the necessary adaptations to apply.


With all that in mind, the DODFMiner is the software that is being developed for the extraction of data from documents in PDF format referring to the publications of the Official Gazette of the Federal District, Brazil.